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Setting human values on fire

The Barbaric business of Barbecue


WARNING: The following post contains images that may be disturbing to some readers.

It is said that India is a progressing and well developed professional nation that is aptly contributing to the world’s economy. Last month the newly appointed chief of IMF Kristalina Georgieva has also mentioned the importance of Indian economic status that affects the world’s economy. But, in India, there are some obnoxious traditions that are still continuing. One of the traditions of killing animals in the name of sacrifices for God still continued which sometimes took us back.

Being a Vegan, in movies and cartoons, I sometimes saw the barbecue procedures of animals. While travelling towards South India, I encountered a very barbaric kind of barbeque procedure. “Barbecue Brain/Heads of Goats’’, yes, after slaughtering the goats in name of Qurbani (Sacrifice for Allah) in Islamic religion and Bali (Sacrifice for God or Goddess) in Sanatan Dharm (Hindu Religion).

After sacrificing the goat, the body is used to cook as meat or mutton curry and served among the community of followers. But, the brains and head of goats got barbecued.

This merciless act is an ad-hoc business for some rural areas in South India. Through this business, a person earns 10K-20K a day, as they charge Rs 100 to 300 per head or brain. This seasonal business is more popular at the time of Bakrid where the followers of Islamic religion sacrifice the goat and offer as Qurbani to Allah. Whereas, some followers of Sanatan Dharm (Hindu Religion) sacrifice goats at the time of Marriage or some special festivals where they offer to get the blessings of penates (Kuldevta/Kuldevi).

As you can see in the picture, how brutally they have processed the barbecue of the head. The required equipment can also be seen in the picture like iron wool and iron rod pierced into the mouth of a dead goat, burning wood for cooking, etc. With the help of iron wool or knife they clean the burnt hair from the head of the goat and then serve the head to enjoy it as the food for the event. People also enjoy barbecued toes and knees, ridiculous isn’t it?

In-spite of so many campaigns and social drives against poaching, brutal killing of animals is still continuing. The main reason for enjoying all these dishes for any such epicure is that it contains nutrition for the bones of human beings. One who has to do labour work prefers this dish as breakfast in rural South India that gives strength to perform laborious work for long working hours. Whereas God has designed the human body as a vegetarian.

No wonder, human beings are blessed with epidemically consequences like Coronavirus for such barbaric food habits.

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