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WEBGYOR 2: Module-2 Feedback

Advanced Composition in Photography

After the success of the first Module, the second Module was scheduled to level up the compositions in photography to some advanced level. All the feedback from the first module was addressed, and necessary changes were incorporated, as desired by the participants. All sessions were taken across TEAM LINK and were made highly punctual, even to its end timings. However, the QnA session and others were not compromised for the sake of commencing it on time, rather, it was professionally and timely managed.

The feedback form for the second module was set on similar attributes, which forms the core of the sessions, and the module as a whole. All the feedbacks are accumulated across a pie chart representation for clarity of understanding of the entire module performance. Let' check them one by one:


The content of the module and its coverage of photography aspects have been liked by all. 75% found it excellent, 18.8% found it Very good. This is a huge compliment, as in Module-1, we had around 58% saying excellent.

Presentation To explain the concepts to the participants, PowerPoint presentation slides were prepared, along with texts and relevant photographs to site examples.

Explanation The concepts were explained vide the presentation, and we asked the participants how much did they like the explanation. Cause, this, is the key element to eliminate miscommunication and deliver the concept.