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WEBGYOR 2: Module-2 Feedback

Advanced Composition in Photography

After the success of the first Module, the second Module was scheduled to level up the compositions in photography to some advanced level. All the feedback from the first module was addressed, and necessary changes were incorporated, as desired by the participants. All sessions were taken across TEAM LINK and were made highly punctual, even to its end timings. However, the QnA session and others were not compromised for the sake of commencing it on time, rather, it was professionally and timely managed.

The feedback form for the second module was set on similar attributes, which forms the core of the sessions, and the module as a whole. All the feedbacks are accumulated across a pie chart representation for clarity of understanding of the entire module performance. Let' check them one by one:


The content of the module and its coverage of photography aspects have been liked by all. 75% found it excellent, 18.8% found it Very good. This is a huge compliment, as in Module-1, we had around 58% saying excellent.

Presentation To explain the concepts to the participants, PowerPoint presentation slides were prepared, along with texts and relevant photographs to site examples.

Explanation The concepts were explained vide the presentation, and we asked the participants how much did they like the explanation. Cause, this, is the key element to eliminate miscommunication and deliver the concept.


Each session had QNA at the last, where we have kept no limitation to the number of times a question can be asked, or limitations to any participant about a number of questions to be asked. The only limit kept, was the questions related to the day's topic. However, we kept questions even before we started the next day's session. So, if anyone got any question later on after the session got over, also got them clarified before the next session started.


After each day's technical session, we had a quick recap of the day's learning across a fun game of online on spot quiz, across Kahoot. There was no separate winning prize for this session, cause, this recap benefited all participants, and they also had some fun before ending the day's content. Screenshots of the quiz winners are shared below. Also, their reaction to this little approach is noted.



We planned to assign some set of tasks related to the day's learning. Tasks were critically assigned, which did not involve much to click new images, but to identify the concepts which were incorporated earlier unknowingly, and got its due appreciation from the viewers. However, we understand, due to difficulties, a few couldn't manage to submit them during the short time span.


These assignment submissions were again reviewed and each one received a personal review feedback mail, against each task that they attempted for. On the last day, a few of these submitted assignments were used to summarize the entire module in a nutshell, highlighting the key misunderstandings noticed at the participant's end.

Overall Feeling and Recommendation

Was the course/module worth the Money and Time invested?

Do you like to recommend this course/module for someone else?

Do you like to rejoin the module/session again?

WEBGYOR 2 Module 3: Advanced Composition in Photography

How many of Module-2 participants are joining for the next upcoming module?


IM is always one step above the expectation. Contents were very specific and much needed to get clarity on a few basics. I would like to specifically mention the way he has explained the concept of "Monochrome”

Aakash Gundawar, Mumbai

No suggestion sir, modules are going on very smoothly and you are taking care of everything.

Arvind Ahir, Mumbai

The session was very helpful in understanding concepts of photography, I have never been into the technicalities of it. With this session, I have understood a lot. I think given the time constraint this is module is conducted and executed so well. Thanks a ton.

Deepa Karappan, Mumbai

Great teaching process. Explained very nicely and patiently. The practical application of these concepts is needed.

Dr. K P Sanghvi, Mumbai

Module learnings, especially on the Colour Theory, was an eye-opener which is normally not available in other high-end courses too.

Jaikumar Menon, Mumbai

What suggestions I can offer to someone who is perfect. Simply excellent presentation and the material. I must say: You are a good teacher and you should put the entire ppt's along with your comments in the form of a book and you can get sell well. The last session on shade, tint, the hue was super. You have explained this is such a simple language that I will never forget it. To be honest, whenever I used to edit photos, handling all these ( hue, tint etc ) were by hit and trial. In fact, I wasn't able to comprehend what I was doing. But after this session, I know the ABC of it and I am sure I can reach XYZ of it. That is from alpha to omega ( ie. beginning till end ).

Once again. Thank you for such nice module 2. I look forward to module 3.

Sannat Jain, Guwahati

Thank you for considering my feedback!! and this time the sessions were really engaging and made me brainstorm and broaden my perspective towards photography.

Sneha Chhadva, Mumbai

So far the modules look very intricately planned and thus interesting. Hats off to team VIBGYOR. Looking forward to the next modules.

Vishal Shingade, Mumbai


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