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At the outset, with a gracious heart let me thank all of you for your active participation and constant support in our efforts. As VIBGYOR, we always strive for excellence that comes through proving fulfilling experiences for your passion.


To continue our efforts in similar direction, this time we are delighted to introduce you to CHITRA VAHAK, a unique concept which will transpose you to the era of Indian Postal system and Photo Post Cards.



We all know that in today’s fast paced world, the practice of photo printing and gifting it to your loved ones has become invalid post digital awakening.

Through this initiative we envisage a world which will have all pervasive digitization and still preserving the old charm of photo printing and delightfully gifting to someone close.

Come on Friends! Let us get into the details of planning and executing


As the name explains, we are going to put together Chitra i.e. printed photograph and Vahak i.e. postman in a way that it fascinates people. We have the blue print, what essentially matters here is your genuine intent and participation.

The very 1st step starts with you receiving a post card with a beautiful photograph printed on one side captured during any of our past events by a participant like you.


Now the real journey starts. You will have 4 choices as below:

Photo by Rajiv Malu

Photo by Divya Jain

Photo by Bhavesh Ghadawala

Photo by Sourav Mudi

For understanding the options please watch the video

Selected Images_1019.jpg

If you wish to receive one of them, let us know by

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