Photo by Rohan Mungekar


7th Anniversary Edition

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Today, VIBGYOR is going to fetch one more milestone, the 150th Event. Thanks to each one of you who has helped us in our journey, directly or indirectly. We would have loved to celebrate this occasion with all, but since that is not possible, here is something which we thought of doing, to let you join the occasion. 

Find out the words hidden in the puzzle above. There is a total of 35 words, a few of which are even placed next to one another to form a small sentence/phrase. All the words are related to this occasion and the journey of VIBGYOR.

Let us see, how many you can find out. Mail us the answers to latest by 17th Nov'19, and the one who gets the maximum words will get a surprise gift from VIBGYOR.

PS: Bonus points to those who can mark the words on the puzzle and mail us.

Any query, please contact: 9920773284

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Photo by Bhavesh Ghadawala


VIBGYOR is a platform of exploring the heritage, culture, and nature through lens. In the year 2012, a few friends having a common nomadic mind joined hands and commenced an unknown journey to capture newer geographies. Today when we have already crossed our 100th initiative benchmark successfully, we look back and acknowledge the enthusiasm, love and patronage that we have received a plenty.

India epitomizes cultural diversity in its true sense, and every part of it carries a unique historical and cultural heritage. VIBGYOR is passionate about engaging people with her rich culture through photography and travel.

Through our platform, you can enjoy photography, travelling, art, gather information about palatial dilapidated buildings, ancient temples or tourist places and may discover some fascinating facts about places you had not visited earlier, and learn skills to capture them all. VIBGYOR is a forum for lovers of photography, travelling, art and culture. 


We started our journey in Kolkata in 2012, and thereafter in Mumbai in 2015. Activities in both the places are running parallel and efficiently, due to the support from a few professional organizations, volunteers and participants.


The popularity, love, and support has grown exponentially, and on the occasion of World Photography Day 2016, we launched our third chapter in Bhubaneshawar. Following to that, on the occasion of World Photography Day 2017, we flagged off our Hyderabad Chapter. 

Photo by Rishi Jain

Photo by Dr.Hemant Patel

Arvind Paranjpye
Director, Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Its truly amazing how a small group of people can put together such a fantastic exhibition

Ritam Banerjee 
Commercial Photographer

I am blown by the whole experience. The Love that I saw in the pictures and the people is overwhelming. I am truly touched and humbled.

Saurabh Chatterjee
Travel Photographer

I am really impressed with the kind of work which I see here.

Natalia Arantseva
Eminent Fashion Photographer

I came prepared, thinking there will be like a stage, and very formal. But, I really loved that VIBGYOR made it very informal, interactive kind of talk, just a friendly atmosphere. Like a family of creative people get together

Dr. Ashok Karad
Orthodontist Surgeon & Eminent Wildlife Photographer

It was great to interact with the group on nature & Wildlife Photography. I am very happy with the level of interest that every participant has shown