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After the success of the first season, here comes the second set of digital learning, with a proper coarse feature, and detailed monitoring to enhance the learning curve

the stories on temple wall


How many temples are there in India?


We are sure, Google will give you a figure, but is that convincing? The count is debatable. Now, let's stream down to…how many of them have you visited till now? Surely a lot of them, starting from the temples of the South to the Monasteries in the North, the terracotta temples in the East to the rocky temples in the caves of the West. As a tourist or devotee, one may have walked straight inside the temple. The organizations related to Architecture, Heritage, and its conservation, however, looks much more beyond that. Every temple wall, especially the one which has story line ups inscribed, or curved on it, speaks a lot. All those Temple Walls have stories which they are echoing silently for ages.


VIBGYOR attempts to add volume to those silent echoes, and read out the stories on Temple Wall, from India, and beyond. The selected stories are also sketched on a paper strip, which is re-used from scrap, about to be thrown away. All these paper strips are waste paper from wall calendars being prepared by a corporate office. The sketches and the interpretations are done by Indranil Mukherjee, founder member of VIBGYOR. All interpretations may not be the actual, as interpreted by professional historians and archeologists. So, an open request to all, to kindly rectify the interpretation in case of any misunderstanding. VIBGYOR would love to rectify the same thereafter.

All these sketches will be framed after the lockdown period, and we intend to sell them to raise funds for helping the distressed families due to COVID-19 and Amphan.


  1. HERITAGE AWARENESS: To make viewers aware of the skilled work of art across the wall of the temples, in India and beyond

  2. SAVE TREES: West Bengal has lost too many numbers of trees due to this Amphan. Every paper saved is a tree saved. Every post will emphasize the fact of planting a tree.




Every viewer gets a chance to join this mission by either/or of the following steps:

  1. Share the TSOTW post across your social media to spread awareness.

  2. Share your valuable feedback across the online form.

  3. Share a temple wall image with the temple details across the online form. If your suggestion is selected, you may stand a chance to win that particular sketch, framed for a wall hanging. Read the T&C below.

  4. If any interpretation has a professional rectification, suggest to us immediately. We would love to rectify and give due credits to you. All suggestions are also to be made across the online form, for easy documentation.

  5. Let us know if you would like to purchase one such sketch for yourself or your loved ones.

  6. All the forms (feedback, share image, suggest change) are under the same link, available across the official website of VIBGYOR: You may choose your action out there and proceed with the feed.




  1. The temple wall image must have a visible story. Partial broken may be considered.

  2. The temple may be from India or abroad, that is not a concern. It must have a strong storyline and not just design aesthetics.

  3. Select images with stories in a strip. Check the sketching details to get further clarity.

  4. It is not a mandate that the image has to be your click. An internet searched image is also acceptable.

  5. In a calendar month, one person may suggest a maximum of 3 images/stories.

  6. All suggestions must be shared only across the online form:

  7. If your story is selected, the post will have your details mentioned.

  8. For all the selected suggestions in a month, there will be a LUCKY DRAW on the first date of the following month. The lucky winner will receive his/her suggested sketch, which will be framed aesthetically by VIBGYOR, and presented to the winner.

  9. Only the courier cost of this framed sketch (if applicable) has to be borne by the receiver.

  10. All prizes will be couriered/handed over to the winner only when the Indian Postal system starts functioning normally again.



  1. Each sketch will have a unique number. Any comment specific to a sketch, one may use this unique number for easy communication.

  2. All the sketches/posts will be made public across the VIBGYOR social media platform only (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), not across the website. This will ease the viewers to share them, or forward them.

  3. For easy search, type #VTSOTW (which is the first letters of Vibgyor The Stories On Temple Wall)

  4. All the sketches are made with fine liner pens of black ink (0.2/0.3/0.5 nib)

  5. The paper strip used are 7cm on the smaller side and variable (minimum 24 cm) on the longer side.

  6. Every sketch has details of the temple written below (left side)

  7. All sketches are made by Indranil Mukherjee, Founder Member of VIBGYOR ( His signature will be towards the right bottom corner.

  8. All sketches will be made open for Sale.

  9. On high demand, one sketch may be repeated for selling purposes.




Indranil Mukherjee


Coronasur in Swarglok



A Collection of Poems


When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”

-John F Kennedy


This lockdown due to COVID-19 has brought the pace of our lives to halt and has stopped us from doing the usual. On one hand, as it has stopped us from doing, on the other, it has taught us to restart many. It’s the time when we are staying indoors, finding our inner self more and more, which were all suppressed in our usual daily rat race. And in this process, we at VIBGYOR has found out many Poets evolving out with their simple ways of rhythmic expression.

This book is a compilation of poetries received from 84 poets from 23 cities, who are professionals in various other fields but poetry. A collection of 156 poems, in 10 different languages, available for FREE to read them all.






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