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WhatsApp Fortnight Photo Contest


With great pleasure, VIBGYOR is hereby declaring the theme of the VIBGYOR WhatsApp Fortnight Photo Contest -18, which is from 16 March 2023. This photo contest is exclusively for the active members of VIBGYOR One WhatsApp Group Members


The theme for WFPC18 is STAIRS

  • Participation is limited to the VIBGYOR WhatsApp Group Only. Please visit to join the group

  • Mandatory hashtag #WFPC18

  • One participant can post a maximum of 3 images

  • Include Serial Number while posting


Participation is FREE

3 WInners will be announced on 15 May 2023

Each Winner will be receiving an EQUIVALENT PRIZE of equal worth.


All The Best

If you are not a part of the VIBGYOR WhatsApp Group yet, please CLICK HERE and become a member to participate in WFPC18 and onward.

Outdoor Sketching

This is a much-awaited session from the organizers of VIBGYOR. An outdoor live sketching session doesn't sound to be very comfortable to many, however, its essence is addictive to those who have ever tried it once. We at VIBGYOR thereby invite you all for this session to bask in the mood of stroking the graphite impressions, for a lifetime cherishable moment. 


Few things before you register

  • This session is aimed at all, irrespective of your involvement in Fine Art. If you are about to sketch or draw for the first time, even then, this session is recommended for you.

  • Since this is an outdoor session, we are restricting minors without a guardian. However, as an adult, if you register and want to bring along your ward/spouse/family & friends, you are most welcome. Just make sure you make that a note in the form.

  • Please make sure you wear a very comfortable outfit, that will allow you to take easy seating on the roads if necessary.

  • Do not carry many fancy items. It will be outdoors, so be very careful with your belongings


Things to Carry:

  • Sketch book (the smaller, the better. However, do not opt for a size below A5 papers). If you opt for white sheets, you may purchase one single cartridge paper and fold it to A5 size for use.

  • One tough board to place on the lap and support the sketchbook/paper is necessary. 

  • Pencils/pens, whichever you feel comfortable with. If you are purchasing pencils, opt for 2B and any one out of 4B/6B/8B. If you have a set of colour pencils at home, do carry them. 


Please make sure you share these session details with your contacts. It will be a super fun evening, we bet you...!!!


Looking forward to seeing you all.


Thanks & Regards


Indranil Mukherjee


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