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Step Forward...The Next Level

VIBGYOR takes immense pleasure to commemorate this very special World Photography Day (19th August) by introducing its newly formed VIBGYOR Expert panel (VEP) of photographers with you all. Each specialist in this panel is unique in their respective genre and has loads of experience to their credit. The very purpose of their being under one roof is to add value to beginners and photo enthusiasts and teach the ethical practice in photography with an objective of sustainable growth to this form of art. Let’s introduce them...!!!

Camera Equipment

Member's Benefit

With the introduction of this panel, VIBGYOR members shall be the true beneficiaries. VIBGYOR is aiming to conduct a few Workshop sessions with these experts in their respective cities of origin. We shall tailor-make some Live Events and Project opportunities with the support of these mentors. Thus, the members get the opportunity to learn different techniques of photography and exchange ideas with others under the same roof. When the learning curve is optimally complete, members will be encouraged to participate in commercial projects for real-time implementation of the knowledge they have accumulated from the mentors.

Abstract Background

Meet The Experts

Know your mentor from your City

Light and Shadow

Freelancing Opportunities

The benefits of the members do not end there. At VIBGYOR, we also offer you the opportunity to hone your skill sets like a professional.

For this, you need to check out “VIBGYOR Pro” and register to grab this great chance.

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