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Sat, 28 Sept



DURGOTSAV 3-Online Contest

Still photography and Short video contest on Durga Puja Festival.

Registration is not necessary for this contest. You need to mail the images.
Please Read Guidelines Below
DURGOTSAV 3-Online Contest
DURGOTSAV 3-Online Contest

Time & Location

28 Sept 2019, 12:00 am IST – 20 Oct 2019, 11:49 pm IST

India, India

About the Event


On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja Celebrations this year, VIBGYOR proudly returns the flavor of highly appreciated DURGOTSAV – Online Contest, Season 3, in association with Moza and Tamron India.  

Durga Puja is the quintessential Carnival of Bengal, which has now gained popularity across the world. Apart from Kolkata, this annual festival is also celebrated in many places in India. Hence, this is an initiative by VIBGYOR to showcase the beauty, grandeur, and aura of this festival captured through the eyes of people across the nation and displayed through photographs, online.  

This time, the focus is on both DSLR users and mobile photographers, for both still images and short videos. The details of the contest are given below. Interested candidates are recommended to go through them carefully before participation:  

Event Details

Event Name: DURGOTSAV 3  Genre: Online Photography & Videography Contest  Starting Date: 28th September 2019, 00:01hrs (IST)  End Date: 20th October 2019, 23:59hrs (IST)  Organized by: VIBGYOR (  Powered by: Moza

Supported By: Tamron.  Participation Fee: FREE  Photo & Video Submission: Online (Check submission guidelines carefully)     


Theme for Video

The theme for the video category is to capture the essence of the festival. This can be a specific ritual, or a compilation of few or many, or all. This can even be a mix of motion clip and still image. Also, a video created with still images will be accepted in this category. Weightage will be given to the background score, editing and final presentation of the video. But above all, weightage will be maximum for creativity. Video may even consist of some dialogues of the people experiencing the festival. So, there is full freedom given to everyone to use all his/her creative sense for creating a small clip for Durga Puja 2019.

Submission Guidelines for Video Category

· The video clips must be of the format mp4

· The total length of the video must be 60 seconds (minimum) to 180 seconds (maximum)

· The content of the video (clips/bytes) must be original. Any copyright issue if found, the entry will be disqualified.

· In the video, due credit/reference of background score (if used) for the video must be shared.

· The video should not have any watermark. However, you may mention your name, city and mobile number in the start or end of the video. 

· Video quality must be suitable for a clean view of a mobile phone at least. 

· Videos shot in mobile phone and edited in mobile are also accepted.

· Deadline for uploading images is 20th October 2019, 23:59hrs (IST)

· Decision of the VIBGYOR management shall be regarded as final and binding.


Videography: One Moza Gimbal worth 7000 INR

Marking Preference

1. Context of the festival

2. Creativity

3. A message through the video

4. Editing

5. Video quality

6. Short, crisp, and apt


Themes for Still Photography

The following four themes have been selected for Durgotsav 3 – Online Contest. Participants are requested to go through and understand them carefully and before the image submissions:  1. Esho Hey Maa- The Welcome: This theme focuses on the moments that define the anticipation for Goddess's homecoming and the grand preparations like construction of the Pandals, roadside decorations, lighting, illumination, installations of shops & stalls, creation of Idols, their dressing and adorning, ushering the idols into the places of worship, the auspicious rites like the Mahalaya, Chokkhudan, Tarpan, Bodhan, Kolabou snan etc.  2. Ujjapon - The Rituals: This theme intends to capture the festive spirits, the euphoria, the fun & frolic, the lively ambience, the involvement of people, their moods and expressions, the famous Dhunuchi dance with the Dhakis playing, people of all ages out in the streets in their best attire to celebrate amidst the crowd & chaos, etc.  3. Shaaj Poshak– The Traditional Get-up: This is an exclusive theme added this year. Click the images of people wearing traditional wear in a Durga Puja pandal/ambiance. This can be candid, or may even be an intentional shoot. But the main criteria are that the attire should be Traditional one only, and with a background which has the flavor of a Durga Puja. This theme also includes the images of the Durga Idol decked up and decorated.   4. Biday Bela - The Farewell: This theme attempts to portray the parting rituals for the goddess's departure like Baran, Sindoor dan, the Bhashan processions, Visarjan, etc. as well as the palpable gloom & melancholia associated with the final day - Vijaya Dashami.  

Submission Guidelines for Still Image Category  • Each participant may upload a maximum of 5 images for each of the 4 themes. So if a person attempts for all the 4 themes, his/her maximum number of submissions can be 20 images.  • Image size should not be more than 5MB.  • There should be no border or watermark in the submitted image, failing which the image shall be disqualified.  • Files should be only in JPEG format  • Excessive Post Processing is not preferred.  • All images should be submitted across Mail/wetransfer/google drive to  • All files should be renamed as “Theme Sl.No._Name_Mobile_ Sl.No.” For example, if Suhas is submitting for Ritual theme, the file name will be 02_Suhas_9988776655_ 01, 02_Suhas_9988776655_ 02, and so on. When Suhas is submitting an image for Biday Bela, the file should be renamed as 04_ Suhas_9988776655_ 01, and so on.  • Please check the Theme Code for reference as mentioned below.  • Make sure that the submitted image is your own/original work and not plagiarized. If found otherwise, strict action shall be taken against such acts.  • Any images that are deemed as obscene, graphic or not related to the above-specified themes may be blocked and the Participant barred from the contest. Furthermore, strict action shall be taken against such acts.  • Deadline for uploading images is 20th October 2019, 23:59hrs (IST)  • The decision of the VIBGYOR management shall be regarded as final and binding.  

Theme Codes for Still Photography  01: Esho Hey Maa- The Welcome  02: Ujjapon - The Rituals  03: Shaaj Poshak– the Traditional Get-up  04: Biday Bela - The Farewell  


Still Photography: Three winners from each of the four themes. Hence, a total of 12 Prizes will be awarded.  

Marking Preference

1. Aligned to theme

2. Creativity 

3. Unique perspective

4. Natural editing


Contact  9920773284, 9836924476



    You need to send the entries across email/wetransfer/drive share. Registration on the website is not necessary.




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