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WEBGYOR 2: Module-1 Feedback

Introduction to the Art of Clicking Good Photos

WEBGYOR, the first season, was highly appreciated by all the participants and guest mentors. In its feedback section, many requested for more of such sessions in a much more structured format. In VIBGYOR, we always try to pay due respect to participant's feedback and suggestions and keep it transparent. Hence, as the lockdown started extending, we planned to refine and represent Season 2 of the online Digital learning Experience. The changes incorporated were just exactly as suggested.

The first Module was scheduled, and as per the changes planned, everything was made in order. The first module was successfully completed on 11th July 2020, and we are happy to fetch the honest feedback from the participants, which we would like to share across this blog.

The feedback form was made on the basis of the rating of individual attributes, which forms the core of the sessions, and the module as a whole. All the feedbacks are accumulated across a pie chart representation for clarity of understanding of the entire module performance. Let' check them one by one:


The content of the module and its coverage of photography aspects have been liked by all. 58.8% found it excellent, 41.2% found it Very good.


To explain the concepts to the participants, PowerPoint presentation slides were prepared, along with texts and relevant photographs to site examples.


The concepts were explained vide the presentation, and we asked the ow participants did they like the explanation. Cause, this, is the key element to eliminate miscommunication and deliver the concept.


Each session had QNA at the last, where we have kept no limitation to the number of times a question can be asked, or limitations to any participant about a number of questions to be asked. The only limit kept, was the questions related to the day's topic. However, we kept questions even before we started the next day's session. So, if anyone got any question later on after the session got over, also got them clarified before the next session started.


This is a fresh thing we started this season. After each day's technical session, we had a quick recap of the day's learning across a fun game of online on spot quiz, across Kahoot. There was no separate winning prize for this session, cause, this recap benefited all participants, and they also had some fun before ending the day's content. Screenshots of the quiz winners are shared below. Also, their reaction to this little approach is noted.



This is also a change for the new season. We planned to assign some set of tasks related to the day's learning. Tasks were critically assigned, which did not involve much to click new images, but to identify the concepts which were incorporated earlier unknowingly, and got its due appreciation from the viewers. However, we understand, due to difficulties, a few couldn't manage to submit them during the short time span.


These assignment submissions were again reviewed and each one received a personal review feedback mail, against each task that they attempted for. On the last day, a few of these submitted assignments were used to summarize the entire module in a nutshell, highlighting the key misunderstandings noticed at the participant's end.

Overall Feeling and Recommendation

Was the course/module worth the Money and Time invested?

Do you like to recommend this course/module for someone else?

Do you like to rejoin the module/session again?

WEBGYOR 2 Module 2: Advanced Composition in Photography

How many of Module-1 participants are joining for the next upcoming module?


"The sessions were excellent in terms of content and explanation. The most fun part was the quiz. The assignment was a very learning experience and most of the doubts were cleared." - Aakash Gundawar, Mumbai

"The entire module was conducted well. The concepts were explained in a simple to understand languages. Everyone was given enough time to ask questions. " - Chanchalkumar Bawankule, Mumbai

"Well thought out the program in time and content and priced aptly. Great learning experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it. well presented, with the focus on the current topic. without much deviation. Keep up that strict discipline." - Giri Sonty, Hyderabad

"Overall structure of the module was very good, and topics like the color wheel was just too good similar hidden topics need to be included in future modules which we don't find in normal online portals or free youtube tutorials." - Jaikumar Menon, Mumbai

"I loved the entire session and the way you explained all the minute details. Also, I loved the like SCIENCE IS UNBIAS. Keep it up and big thumbs up to VIBGYOR." - Vijay Mandave, Mumbai



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