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Chitra Vahak
Donate Voluntarily

As one can understand, this is an initiative with no financial expectation. This process is purely planned to initiate two practices which are fading away with Digital India. So, if someone wants this process to grow big, big enough in next few years so that VCV starts sending posts abroad as well, please feel free to donate voluntarily for the same. Please note, there are some guidelines for the donation as well:

  • There is no minimum amount of donation

  • One individual can donate maximum 100 INR in a month (calendar month)

  • Every donation will initiate a special thank you note on the cards which gets printed by its sponsorship

  • Donation is accepted across the below mentioned payment options

  • Pay via PayTm using the form below.

  • Update your donation details across Google Form.

Donate Voluntarily via PayTm
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