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Chitra Vahak
Let your own Photograph Travel

If you want VCV to print your photo in a greeting card and start a chain, please feel free to contribute your photographs. We will intimate you once we will select a photograph and start the chain. Please note there will be no fee to be charged to you to initiate a chain. There are few basic requirements which are mentioned below:

  • Image shared must be in JPEG format, with minimum 300 dpi

  • Must have aspect ratio 2:3 or 3:2

  • File size should be minimum 2MB and maximum 5MB

  • Image must not have any objectionable content or nudity

  • Preference will be given on images with a social message, which will also travel along with the card

  • Photograph must not have any text message on it

  • Photo should not have any border or watermark

  • Photograph should not put up any political message in any means

  • Must be original work of the author

  • In one month, one photographer can send maximum 4 images for this initiative. (one calendar month will be considered, not actual date wise)

  • Selection of the photograph is subjected to decision of the admin, since the total number of greetings to be sent in a month is restricted to 8 numbers.

  • Selected images will be displayed across official website on last week of the previous month

  • One may opt to be the first receiver of the selected image by seeing the selected images for the upcoming month

  • All posts will be made on Mondays of the month. In case if a Monday is a public holiday, posts will be made on Tuesday

  • Photographs once printed for VCV will not be reprinted

  • Photos sent in a month, if not selected for VCV, will be carried forward to the next month for the selection

  • In a month, there will be only one selected image for one particular photographer, to give fair chance to all

  • In case if there is no enough photographs received for VCV, VIBGYOR will select photographs of the participants of past VIBGYOR initiatives, which was shared with VIBGYOR

  • Upload images and self-details across Google form.

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