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Chitra Vahak
Pass it to Someone

If you have received a VCV card, keep the chain alive. Pass it to someone among your contact. Please follow the guidelines:

  • Write your name and city (Separated by a comma) in the card in serial order

  • Do not write the name too big to consume excess space, again, do not write it so short that it’s not legible with naked eyes. Please maintain a standard letter size, close to the previous name in the list. Also, it’s preferable to fit in your name and city in one single line. Please opt for a second line only when it is highly required

  • The card should have an additional paper within, which will contain a hand written message/letter for you, from the sender. This is your personal belonging, please keep this sheet of paper with you, and pass on the greeting card only.

  • Please use additional paper of your choice to write your personal message to the one you are sending the VCV card further ahead. Do not attach that paper to the card by pinning/gumming. Fold it to the size of the card, and insert it within the card while sending. Make sure, this personal message is hand written by you, and not any print out. This is the main intention, and so, sincere request to adhere the same. If you wish, you may even write one liner. But make sure, it’s always hand written on a separate paper

  • Purchase a fresh envelope of suitable size, and send it across through normal book post from your nearest post office (one side of the envelope should be open). Please do not resort to private courier services as our mission is to enjoy and retain the charm of book post

  • Make sure you do not keep the post more than 15 days with you

  • Do not send it back to someone whose name is already in the card once

  • Choose the name of the receiver carefully, so that you have full confidence in the receiver to take the chain further ahead

  • One cannot send the card back to the photographer whose photo is printed on that card

  • You may send to anyone you want, irrespective of his/her involvement in photography. But make sure he/she takes up the initiative seriously and continues the chain

  • Please bear the postal expenses which will be maximum 4 INR across India. In case if your personal hand written letter/message contains excess page, still, it is expected not to exceed 10 INR as postal expense.

  • If there is no further space in the card to write the name, please contact us immediately.

  • Update your action across the online Google form.

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