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Coronasur in Swarglok


The content of this initiative is not to disrespect or hurt any religion, culture, or caste of anyone living or dead. This is intended as a social message of awareness to all mankind, to fight back COVID-19.

The demon Coronasur has come into power. It has formed a huge force of Virusurs, who are multiplying themselves rapidly, and the evil force is gaining power, day by day. After originating from the nether world, they have traveled straight to the planet Earth, where they have forced mankind to lock themselves indoors to save themselves from the clan. Now, to secure supreme power, and capture across the Tri-Loka, they are planning with the evil motive to attack the celestial world, the Swarglok.

As Coronasur leads his battalion towards Swarglok, Narad Muni, the informer, reaches out to Lord Indra to warn him about the invasion.

Without any delay, Lord Indra calls for a meeting with all the Gods, to discuss the defense mechanism, and make a strategy to restrict the invasion.

The battle was absolutely one-sided. None of the celestial weapons could terrify the Virusurs. The Coronasur team had a clean victory, and they took over the celestial residences, with their evil laughter echoing all across the heaven.

All the Gods, along with Lord Indra, are now homeless. Most of the Gods are found lying on barren land, and mountainous regions, highly infected with cough, high temperature, and breathlessness.

Narad Muni is an inter celestial traveler. By now, he came to know the defeat of the Devas, by Coronasur. He knew, that human beings are using a face mask to protect themselves from these Virusurs. So, he makes a face mask for himself and wears it on. He then reaches out to the celestial medical practitioner, Dr. Dhanwantari.

But…The battle is not over yet…!!!

The doctors are doing their best…So is the Police…They are the front liners.

But… You too have to take up the responsibility.

  1. Restrict yourself from stepping outside your home, unless it's necessary indeed. Stay indoors, as much as possible.

  2. Sanitize or wash your hands frequently.

  3. Wear a face-mask, without fail, whenever you move outside.

  4. Maintain social distancing. Remember…You never know, whether the person you are getting close to, is a COVID-19 carrier.

  5. For any symptoms of cough, fever, or breathlessness, visit a nearby hospital without delay.

I have shared this useful information across the Celestial World.

Now, you must share this content too, across your social media networks, and spread awareness among your contacts. Together, we can fight this Pandemic.

Check click on the icon of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to fetch further details for support from them.


Watch the animated short movie




Chayan Bhattacharya, Dubai

Born and brought up in the beautiful state of Assam, he is a person who enjoys arts and literature. He is trained in Indian Classical Music and an avid reader of ancient texts and literature. He has a flair for holding discussions for Vedanta, Sankhya, Upanishads, and Yoga.

He holds a Post Graduate in Supply Chain Management and also holds a Six Sigma Black Belt from Indian Statistical Institute. By profession, he is a supply chain manager for an Oil & Gas (Petroleum) company in UAE.


Abhilash Kumar Doma, Chandigarh

Abhilash is a self-taught artist, in the field of graphic design, illustration and sketching, and has been doing freelancing for the same for almost 5 years. He is currently pursuing his masters from the National Institute of Design.

By profession, he is an engineer, with over 4 years of experience in data science and Back-end development.


Indranil Mukherjee, Mumbai

An Engineering Consultant in Mumbai by profession, and the proud founder member of VIBGYOR, Indranil has always been inclined towards art since childhood. He has learned fine art from Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, and digital photography from Ram Krishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur, Howrah. During the lockdown tenure due to COVID-19, under the umbrella of VIBGYOR, he has initiated several campaigns to keep the human mind engaged in creative thoughts. Because he strongly believes that Art Heals…And this will show us the light.



1. SHOOT FOR SUPPORT (Photography) - Supporting Janata Curfew on 22.03.2020.

2. Project 21 (Photography) - 21 Days, each day one theme, 24 hours to click, and submit a maximum of 3 images clicked staying indoors.

3. Art Scrapbook (Fine Art) - VIBGYOR’s 8th Anniversary special edition, publishing 120 artworks from various cities within India, and abroad.

4. LAUNCH PAD (Socializing) - Spread positive vibes through Paper Planes.

5. WEBGYOR Digital Learning (Photography, Heritage) - 11 days, daily online session of digital learning.

6. Irshaad A Collection of Poems (Poetry) - 156 poems in 10 languages from 84 poets, across 23 cities, compiled in one single digital book.

7. CORONASUR in SWARGLOK (Cartoon)- A social awareness message through cartoon animation and short storybook.

8. The Stories on Temple Wall (Art, Heritage Awareness, Save Tree) - Hand sketches by Indranil Mukherjee with stories interpreted from the temple wall decors. It started on 1st June 2020.




Jayesh O Bhanushali, Mumbai

He is a non-medico person but connected to the medical field. His daily responsibility includes to reach the common people, create awareness,  guide them to testing centers and hospitals, update them on government official notifications, speak to the doctor in charge for a patient health condition, calming anxieties of patients and family, answering to the doubts and queries of people, motivating them and the medical staff to come out of this depression and fear. He makes sure, every day, he prays for the safety of each and every one. 

Tina Jose, Kottayam, Kerala

Survey has proved that irrespective of any epidemic or pandemic, women are the most affected in any society. They are the ones facing the crunch of it all. Women are facing issues like domestic violence, increased household work, unpaid care work, uprooted migrant laborers, etc. Faced with such unprecedented problems, they find it difficult to cope up with the situation, and its indeed frustrating...nowhere to go and no one to tell or share the feelings. In such a scenario, Tina decided to start a video project where women will talk about their problems, their issues, and that too from across the globe. It will give them a chance to voice what is happening in their countries and let the world know the challenges they face. With this idea, the project is ongoing and will be released soon to the world.

Dr. Hitesh Patel & Dr. Hemant Patel, Mumbai

The doctor brothers have set up a fantastic COVID-19 Quarantine Centre at Ghatkopar in Mumbai, in support of their Samaj (Association).

Deepa Karappan

Deepa has taken up initiatives to support musicians who are not having any work during these testing times. She feels, whatever little done would be helpful. However, she strongly believes that this is not any Superhero act. True superheroes are the Doctors, medical staff, Police, reserved forces, BMC workers, sanitation workers, Kirana stores, the milk, and essential suppliers, the conveyance providers for migrants, and the authorities who are managing this health crisis. Even the migrant laborer who said this packet of food is sufficient for me, please give the additional packet to someone else...they too are the real superheroes. Superheroes are those too who are spreading positivity, hope, and happiness in these gloomy times i.e artists and groups like VIBGYOR.


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1 Comment

Arvind Ahir
Arvind Ahir
Jun 03, 2020

Superb... well thought and executed. I loved the Om... background chanting.

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