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The Charming Charminar - Vishwas

Went for a street photography experiment on Sunday evening (26th Feb 2023). The street markets at Charminar are fascinating. Any street market is fascinating for that matter - a chaotic mix of colors, lights, sounds, and smells. The last 2 of course, I could not capture in still photos but tried to capture a glimpse of the rest.

Here are the pictures - All images were taken with only available light and handheld. It is almost impossible to use a tripod in the dense mass of humanity that invades this market during the weekend.

Hearts of Hyderabad

Majestic and a bit forlorn Charminar

Though forlorn, it is still lovable so I took a series of ‘I ᤻᤹᤺Charminar’ pictures...

I love Charminar

Charminar is not the only structure that fascinated me…. Buildings around are adorned with majestic arches and wonderfully patterned grills… Neglected over ages but still beautiful.


Here is another example of an arch, two stories tall and with lovely patterns

On weekends, the area around Charminar and the street that passes through it turns into a thriving street market

Wondering where all the love is coming from in the ‘I Love Charminar’ images earlier? Here is the balloon vendor - one of many. He is almost making it seem that the Charminar is getting lifted with all the balloons.

Wheels of entrepreneurship start spinning faster as twilight approaches.

Charminar, a silent spectator in the background, is the backbone that holds together this local economy for hundreds of small entrepreneurs.

At twilight, buildings turn into shadows, setting sun rays shine briefly and devout Muslims head towards masjids for sunset prayers. Take a look at the left bottom corner of the image and you will see a person (perhaps pious) framed by faint sunrays.

The neighborhood turns into a blaze of neon signs and colorful lights, advertising typically ‘Hyderabadi’ cuisine. Electric Wires crisscross through it all – Even High tension but no one seems to mind or get electrocuted.

People form an interesting part of the whole ‘Charminar’ experience. I was able to capture a few candid shots.

The Wait

The little balloon seller - She is working, helping her father sell balloons at the age when she should be playing with them.

A boy selling clothes … His world may be dim but the smile is always bright.

Exited customers throng the bling of artificial jewelry

Hands reach out to pick up the most exciting bling thing

The entrepreneur remains aloof and worried in shadows, behind his wares…

The Charminar market takes on a dreamy, crowded, surreal persona as the evening progresses