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Dedication to VIBGYOR Constructive Lockdown… By Sneha Chhadva

SWITCH thy gear to the BOARD of Click & Art;

HANDLE thy creativity to kick start

Take a sneak peek at the REMOTEst indoor spot

STATION thyself at zero hour to plot

Task which doesn’t indulge in CURRENCY

HANG on to the Art of utmost supremacy

Turn on the SCREW of imagination

Let the canvas be part of REFLECTion

Don’t let the SHADOW block your adventures

Splurge thyself in vivid TEXTUREs

SEE THROUGH the vastness of creation

Even though the current mode is SEPARATION

Let’s shine to be the ODD ONE out

By clicking the spotless BALANCEd pout

FREEZE thy moments in MOTION

By perfecting the LINES of proportion

Maintain the SYMMETRY of emotion

TRIANGLuatE thy energy to celebration

Embark onto the high spirited EDGE

EnCIRCLE thyself to the VIBGYOR sledge

Keep up the zest

And GRAVITate towards Anniversary fest!!!


About the poet

Sneha Chadva

I am a Practicing Architect with over 10 years of experience in the field of Architecture, Interior design and Project Management. This stream has added value towards my two major passions that being Travelling & Photography. I strongly believe in concepts of Ikigai & Ubuntu...which for me is leading a life with complete happiness and entailing as many to join on this path of happiness!!!

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