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WEBGYOR Feelings

During the second phase of lockdown in India for COVID-19, VIBGYOR planned for 11 sessions of online knowledge sharing, named as WEBGYOR-Digital Learning. The last and the 11th session ended on 2nd May. The sessions have been highly appreciated, due to its content shared across, and the discipline of the sessions strictly followed.

Let's see what do the participants have to say about this.

Akash Gundawar


I am just trying to pen down some of my views rather than feelings on VIBGYOR, WEBGYOR & IM, especially during the COVID 19 lockdown situation… lets first talk about the “VIBGYOR PROJECT 21”… there is one story in Mythology...God Indra along with Shankarji got angry with all the farmers on the earth and decided not to have rain for the next few all the farmers were upset and put down themselves on “Bhagwan Bharose”. But one of them was still working inspire of knowing that there will be no rain for next many years.. (Long story but I am going to the outcome) so god has asked him why it is so…he answered if I will not keep practicing for these years, how will do my farming after many years when there will be rain. He also mentioned that God has given him the opportunity to learn new things also…“VIBGYOR PROJECT 21” has given us the opportunity to learn new things, keep practicing, remain motivated, opportunity to engage with what you love, etc. For me, “VIBGYOR PROJECT 21” is the most motivating part for the first 21 days of lockdown…how did I perform etc. is immaterial to me..important is what I learn..what I regained which was missed during the last few years…Thanks to “VIBGYOR PROJECT 21”, all participants & of course IM. Now “WEBGYOR”… Daina Ross said, “you know, you need Mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe yourself”. This is the only learning I am nourishing after “WEBGYOR”…what. Learning session..every mentor (though I have not attended 3 sessions) is great in his subject…they were motivating us, guiding us. The learnings from all the mentors were the things to cherish life long.. everyone is self-motivated, self-disciplined. Very specific learning from a mentor is “ Imagine - Prepare - Practice - execute - practice” Thanks IM & team for giving us the opportunity to learn from mentors…now it's our turn about whatever we learn, we should implement & practice… And the most important the brain behind all this is our “IM”.. there is one quote from John C. Maxwell..he says “ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way”…this is quality of leadership, which I come to know about IM during the complete lockdown period…i was observing him all the time during the sessions from mentors, he was “ONLY” in the learning mode during those sessions…two words for him “Leader & Learner”. Thank you, IM.

Sateja Rajwade


Thank you so much. I wish to share what I observed, appreciated, and learned from the 11 sessions of WEBGYOR apart from the technical knowledge shared by all the mentors.

1. Dilip Yande Sir: The art of giving examples while explaining the points.

2. Priya Mam: Passion for studying different cultures and lifestyles and portraying them through the lens.

3. Saritha Mam: Her love for the natural light

4. Ronny Sir: Decision-making quality at the shooting site.

5. Lopamudra di : Her dedication and passion for learning new things.

6. Swati Mam: Her urge for perfection.

7. Rangan Datta Sir: Deep knowledge about our heritage and willingness to sharing it with others.

8. Indranil Mukherjee: Our very own mentor. Kya kahe!!! Whatever he does, he tries rather gives his 100% always. He really made our lockdown period very special. I thank him very much for keeping us creatively engaged. Looking forward to getting more nutrition to our creative minds.

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